What railing type choose?

What railing type choose

Kinds of railing

When choosing railing you have many choices in terms of material. You will want to consider durability, maintenance and style to come up with the railing that best suits your needs. Ofcourse there are a lot of kinds of railing like : porch railing, deck railing and balcony railing. These railings are different but the material that is used to make them, can be the same in many cases. And when it comes to a types of railing there are a lot of options.

What railing type is the best for you?

As I mentiones, there are several materials that railing can be made of. Here are a couple of them :

1. Aluminium railing
Aluminum or iron rails will be one of the most durable materials you can use for railing. They are strong and will withstand weathering better than other materials. These railings require minimal maintenance and will very rarely need to be replaced.

2. Wooden railings
Wooden railings are more commonly seen on the interior of your home, but are beautiful when can be used outsider. Wood, however, require more work to maintain. Make sure you seal it properly so it can withstand the elements.

3. Vinyl railings
Vinyl is quickly becoming one of the most popular materials used in fences and railings. Vinyl is affordable, looks great, and is available in a huge variety of styles and finishes. It is not maintenance free, but it is very easy to keep up.

4. Glass railing
There is nothing better than a clear glass railing to fully enjoy the view from your balcony. There are many possible options, including solid panels or railing made of tempered glass or acrylic. Glass railings are quite expensive but these are the best choice for homes located upside.

5. Concrete railing
Concrete railings are sturdy and relatively cheap, you can use them in urban houses. Although there are not so many designs available but these railings are long lasting and maintenance free if you compare it to wooden, glass or metal railings.